Accounts and Access

Account requests can be made by contacting our Support Center via our Online Service Request System or by calling (305) 348-2284 during business hours or emailing

VCL Accounts:

Accounts are available for all FIU faculty and students. Priority is given to requests for use cases that are in direct support of a current academic class. This is a free shared environment; however, faculty or departments can invest funds in this environment if they have specific needs or require additional resources.

HPC Accounts:

Accounts are available for all FIU faculty, research associates, and students (based on faculty approval). A portion of this environment has been set aside for no cost use. If additional computing power or storage is needed, investments or cost sharing opportunities are available.

Please note, if you are a new group requesting access to HPC resources we require an in-person meeting as part of the on-boarding process. This is an import step to help groups make the transition to using the HPC a lot smoother and easier. It also helps us understand the kind of research that will be conducted on the HCP so that we can provide better service to the FIU community.


HPC Access:

Once you receive confirmation of your new HPC account you can access the HPC using your myaccounts username and password

  • To login: ssh    

           (Same as your Myaccounts  username and password)

           For Mac, you can use the terminal.

           For Windows, you may need to install Putty:



  • A remote desktop access is also available for visualization applications: Visualization Guide

NOTE: Before you attempt to use this you will need to access your account using ssh first, at least once (see above). 


  • If you are off campus, you will need the VPN client: VPN