The visualization system is built on high-end Nvidia graphical cards and proprietary remote desktop software. It provides a visual experience as 3D applications are running on the user’s own computer.

In general, users connect to an encrypted web portal to initiate a remote desktop session. The web portal schedules a session in the visualization cluster and generates a VNC file used by a remote desktop client installed on the user’s computer to connect the visualization server.

Quick Start Guide

Download the appropriate VNC client on your workstation:

  1. Windows –
  2. Mac –
  3. Linux –
  4. Portable –
    (Self contained for Ubuntu linux – no installation required)

Refer to the Nice User Guide for more information.

NOTE: For a new user who has never connected to any of the HPC servers, please make an ssh connection to to confirm that your HPC account is valid before using the visualization system.

Login at the FIU Panther cluster Web portal: 2.jpg

  • If you are connecting from an off-campus workstation, you will first need
    to connect to the FIU VPN. If you need to download the VPN client,
    you can find it here:
  • Click on the Linux desktop (left panel) to create a new session.


Double click the downloaded VNC session file.
Click on the new “Linux Desktop” if a file is not downloaded automatically.


That’s it! You should have a Remote Linux Desktop running on your computer.
You can access a terminal by going to Applications -> System Tool -> Terminal.
You can drag the icon on to your desktop for easier access.

Screenshot_8_4_14_4_06_PM 2.jpg