Panther Cluster

  • Hardware
    • Over 3000 Intel-Based CPU cores
    • High Memory Nodes with up to 1.5 TB of RAM/node
    • Over 500 TB of High-Performance Parallel Storage
    • 56 Gbps InfiniBand network for parallel computing
    • GPU nodes
    • Remote Desktop GUI
  • Storage
    • Shared scratch space
      • 47 of NVME High Performance Parallel Storage (Lustre)
    • User home directories
      • Uses shared Parallel Storage (Lustre)
    • Long-term archival storage available
    • Off-site backup of data available
  • Slurm Scheduler
    • Jobs are submitted through Slurm Workload Manager
  • Software
    • Over 200 software and analysis tools are pre-installed on the cluster:
Matlab (parallel) MIRA
R MitoFinder
Stata Singularity
Compilers (Intel, PGI, gnu) SPAdes
AMBER FreeBayes
CHARMM mothur
NAMD MrBayes
Gaussian SRA Toolkit
QChem Stacks
Trinity MUSCLE
Trinotate Gaussian
SAMtools NextDenovo
BamTools NextFlow
Jupyter NextPolish
MaSuRCA Trimmomatic
RSEM Trim Galore
Salmon Velvet
Exonerate Winnowmap
SIDR OrthoFinder
Seqtk Picard Tools
FastQC Pilon
FastQC InterProScan
Minimap2 Jupyter


And many more, with additional tools added by request.