IRCC Established

The Instructional and Research Computing Center (IRCC) was established by the Division of Information Technology to provide technologies for faculty and students to enhance their academic curriculum and research.


The IRCC’s first offering, the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL), is available now. Using our VCL, faculty can create classes that use virtual server technologies, which allow for computer labs to be conducted remotely. It allows students to launch a virtual server in our VCL Cloud at any time to further work on their classroom assignments.
High Performance Computational resources are a priority for the IRCC; therefore an HPC environment will be on the horizon. High Performance Computing allows faculty, along with their students, to examine more complex scientific and engineering problems that would otherwise be impossible to solve without this large-scale computing power. Being able to tackle large-scale problems in many cases requires the ability to process and store large data sets. To accommodate this need, large high performance storage will be rolled out in conjunction with our first HPC offering.
This is an exciting time and we at the IRCC look forward to working with the FIU faculty in these and future projects.