The Instructional & Research Computing Center and the Division of IT has formed several partnerships to enhance FIU’s research and educational capabilities. These partnerships give our faculty access to more resources and helps foster collaborative efforts within the state of Florida and across the nation. Our partners include:

The Sunshine State Education & Research Computing Alliance (SSERCA) brings together geographically distributed organizations and resources in such a way that their collective impact is far greater than the sum of their individual parts. The mission of SSERCA is to further the development of a state-wide computational science infrastructure of advanced scientific computing, communication and education resources by promoting cooperation between Florida’s universities.

The Florida LambdaRail (FLR) is an independent research and education network owned and operated on behalf of the FLR partner institutions and affiliates of the Florida LambdaRail, LLC, a not-for profit limited liability corporation. FLR was created to facilitate advanced research, education, and 21st century economy initiatives in the State of Florida. By utilizing next generation network technologies, protocols, and services, FLR provides opportunities for Florida university faculty members, researchers, and students to collaborate with colleagues in-state, across the country, and around the world.

Internet2 Network Services provide the most complete toolkit for building specialized R&E collaborations through advanced network technologies. Whether you need reliable, high-capacity, best-in-breed building blocks for private networks, integration with the global R&E fabric, or the ability to customize services and operations for the most demanding Big Data and science requirements, Internet2’s portfolio of advanced networking solutions is designed to meet the needs of all R&E users.

Internet2 members are focused on developing and deploying these advanced networking technologies and capabilities in service of U.S. research and higher education.

The Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem of Services and Support (ACCESS) program is a National Science Foundation initiative which supports the accessibility of cyberinfrastructure resources with research communities on campus across the nation.