The IRCC’s goal is to make its technologies as easy to use as possible while ensuring reliability, security, and fair use of its resources to all faculty and students. To achieve this goal, some measure of policies must be enforced to ensure continued operations. Before using the environments, please familiarize yourself with our policies.

Any suggestions, comments, or concerns related to these policies should be sent to  Mike.Kirgan@fiu.edu.

Account Eligibility:

All FIU faculty, research associates and students in good standing can use IRCC resources; however some resources (i.e. HPC), require faculty approval for student accounts.

Authorized Usage:

  • IRCC resources are for official FIU research and classroom-related activities. No personal use, including data storage (i.e. movies, music, or other personal files), is allowed.
  • All state & federal laws must be observed, as well as:

HPC Storage:

  • /home
    • Intended for source code, applications, and some data.
    • Only light to medium i/o jobs should be run on data in this filesystem.
    • Data for large files or heavy i/o jobs should be moved to the shared /scratch file system.
    • No personal data.
    • There is no cost for the default home storage space; however, additional storage can be purchased on request or as part of an investment package.
  • /scratch
    • This is shared high performance storage using the GPFS filesystem. It is meant for only temporary storage. Data should only be moved into this filesystem for processing.
    • Any files that have not been used in 30 days are automatically purged. We encourage all users to ensure to keep backup copies of your critical data.
    • No personal data.

Login Nodes:

  • These nodes are the only gateway to the HPC clusters. Due to their critical nature for all HPC users, anyone who violates the intended use of these servers may have their accounts temporarily suspended.
  • Servers can be accessed via ssh.
  • The primary purpose of these nodes are to submit jobs, check the status of jobs, and for the management or movement of data.